The Member of Parliament for South and Central Abaco is assuring residents that the recent resignation of the Member of Parliament for North Abaco, the Hon. Kirk Cornish, as Parliamentary Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister for Abaco has not impacted the progress of the island.

The Hon. John Pinder told ZNS, “I don’t see any disruption in business or recovery moving forward.  The departments are here working diligently.  They are moving forward in a real positive and constructive way.  There wouldn’t be any lapse in that and I’m sure before time comes where we need somebody sitting in there the Prime Minister will appoint or position however he feels best.”

Pinder also gave an update on the ongoing rebuilding progress on the island.  “Everything is progressing well including infrastructure projects like the hurricane shelter, like the roads, like a lot of these other things upcoming.  We’ve been doing from Sandy Point, from docks in Sandy Point to Morse Island to Grand Cay, the new water facility.  All of these projects are moving forward in a positive way.”

Cornish tendered his resignation one day before being arraigned on charges of sexual assault and threats of death.  He is currently on bail.