The Prime Minister led a delegation of government officials on an assessment tour of school repairs ahead of the new school year.  He fielded questions about the recent collapse of the roof of the R. M. Bailey school pavilion currently under construction.

The Hon. Philip Davis took exception to the reporting on the issue telling reporters, “the first thing you talk about is a roof so the whole country is believing that some roof, shingled and complete, somehow collapsed.  And was constructed by some friends of the Progressive Liberal Party, some friend who got a contract, right, and he was incompetent which is so far from the truth.  But that’s the impression that the print media gave.”

The Prime Minister explained, “the contractor very responsibly said that’s my agent, he did it, he ought not to have done it, its gonna be no cost to the government and we’ll correct it. Like the Minister of Works, I have confidence in this contractor.”

The contractor on the project, Anthony Roker of A & M Construction Company also spoke to members of the media about the incident.  He said, “I have no further discussion, the PM already said what he had to say and I am the prime constructor, contractor for A & M Construction.  And as he said we take full responsibility of what had happened and I want the public to know that I’m a four decade building contractor and I build places for both governments.”