Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis fielded questions from members of the media about a possible cabinet shuffle while touring school repairs on Sunday.

Davis said, “cabinet is an institution that carries with it collective responsibility.  Where a person is in that cabinet does not take away from that.  So that we have collective responsibility.  I call this my halfway point before we move into what I call election mode and we are talking together as ministers to determine how best each one of us nay better serve the new way forward.”

Parliament was prorogued on August 12th when Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander in his capacity as Provost Marshall read a proclamation from the Governor General on the steps of the House of Assembly.  After the proclamation was made Attorney General, Sen. Hon. Ryan Pinder announced that the new session of Parliament will usher in a new legislative agenda for the government.  Since that time the Prime Minister has also announced the recommendation of Cynthia Pratt as the next Governor General to take effect on September 1st.