Covid-19 impact on Bahamasair bookings


International travelers are monitoring new United States travel policy that requires a negative covid-19 test to enter the country.

Bahamasair Chairman, Tommy Turnquest confirmed to us that the national airline has not had any cancellations, but there have been slow bookings.

“It’s been slow bookings ever since Christmas firstly.

“And secondly January is always a slow month and so from our perspective it’s very difficult to tell.

“Persons just avoided travel for any number of reasons during the pandemic there is the various strains of the variant that they talk about.

“And so, persons have been very reluctant to travel as a general rule until the vaccination process has sort have picked up steam.

“We are encouraged by the US that are seemingly beginning to vaccinate. They are now up to I think a million 1/2 A-day” he said.

Turnquest also noted that Bahamasair will continue to monitor how covid-19 impacts the travel industry.

“Our schedules have been reduced and you know we’re trying to accommodate it as best we can.

“We’ve looked at between Miami and Fort Lauderdale for example the numbers. 

“We know that for example there’s no afternoon flights out of South Florida so we looked at that and we are trying to see if that’s going to provide us with a competitive advantage by having our flights – we’re looking at a number of things” Turnquest said.