Donation of $400,000 modular administration building to the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation.


THE Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation is delighted to announce the donation of a modular administration building to the hospital by NB Global Solutions.

The unit, valued at $400,000, will provide an area for use by nurses and physicians from Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH).

The president of NB Global Solutions, Neal Balasny, said: “As part of our commitment to give back to the community, to better the lives of the people of The Bahamas, and from the goodness of our heart, we donated a 12ft x 56ft, 672sq ft modular office unit for the staff of PMH.

“This complete building, valued at $400,000, will provide PMH’s nurses and physicians with a safe and secure environment to relax and rejuvenate themselves as they care for their patients in the new PMH ISO unit. Equipped with an office, breakroom, restroom, and a large room that could be converted into a crash area with beds, this building delivers a comfortable space for those on the frontline of medical care.”

The donation follows the purchase of a new 72ft x 64ft modular unit with a total square footage of 4,608sq ft to be used as an ISO ward at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH).

NB Global Solutions also donated a 40ft long, 362sq ft canopy which can be assembled and positioned to protect PMH staff and patients from the sun and rain. It is engineered to withstand 180mph winds and is valued at $80,000, bringing the total value of the donation to $480,000.

Mr Balasny thanked the Foundation for the opportunity in facilitating these two donations. He said: “We hope they will have a positive impact on the heroes at Princess Margaret Hospital.”

Mr Balasny thanked Health and Wellness Minister the Hon Dr Michael Darville and Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation Chairman Prof Dr Magnus Ekedede for meeting with him on Thursday, May 11, 2023, to receive a letter of donation, which was accepted on behalf of the Foundation and the Bahamian people.

Dr Ekedede welcomed the donation, acknowledging Dr Darville’s role, saying: “We thank the minister, who was very gracious indeed in meeting with the donors.”

He thanked Mr Balasny, saying: “PMH Foundation thanks you and your team for your magnanimous donation to the PMH family and the Bahamian people. We hope we would continue to enjoy this friendship for a very long time.”

NB Global Solutions has worked in traditional construction, as manufacturers of prefabricated structures and as site developers worldwide, providing services to numerous industry sectors including government, non-governmental organisations and military. The company is based in Hackensack, New Jersey, USA.

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