Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis announced changes to the Cabinet in a televised national statement on Sunday. One of the changes made concerned the Minister of State in the Ministry of Education and Technical and Vocational Training, the Hon. Zane Lightbourne who will move to the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources.

Lightbourne spoke with ZNS News about the new role he is set to assume on Monday. He said, “we have climate change ambassadors. We have many clubs that are focused on the natural environment and how to, not only build resilience, but also how to function in a world where we don’t negatively impact any of our natural resources. We preserve the climate for the future. And even though our children, very quickly, they’re realized as the future now, but very quickly they are just the bridge to the next part of the journey, to the next generation. So we want to make sure we hand down to our students appreciation and education when it comes to climate change.”

The Minister of State says he has yet to meet with the Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources on the plans but that it they will be in line with the Blueprint For Change. He said, “our blueprint has a lot to do with the environment in terms of sustainability. The Prime Minister has been, you know, trotting around the world doing an excellent job in leading the way in climate change fight, the crisis that we’re having in the region, in our country definitely and also speaking about resiliency.”