The Rotary Club of Grand Bahama along with officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force conducted a fire safety course for residents of Sweetings Cay.

Darren Cooper of the Rotary Club was on hand and told ZNS News, “I think that residents of Sweetings Cay is very grateful to the fact that the cay has had no firefighting equipment. And this donation today is they collaborative effort of our district along with our club. And we though it was very important not just to put in smoke detectors and fire extinguishers but also to bring in an equipment that will also, when the extinguisher is not doing the job, a pump that will be able to pump salt water with high pressure to be able to fight any bigger fire on the cay. And so I think they feel a sense of comfort to know that they do have some mechanism or systems in place that they will be able to make it happen. This has been a vision and a dream of our president coming into office. This was one of the things that he out laid that he wanted to be able to accomplish in his president year. And being able to make sure that this cay, 95% of the homes here are built out of wood and want to make sure that they have some mechanisms to be able to safeguard themselves in the threat of a fire.”

In addition to the fire safety course the Rotary Club also donated a portable firefighting pump system. Rotary President Luther Burrows said, “we were alerted to the fact that is was a need based on the fact the Rotary presence here put in the homes we were alerted that there was no safety equipment on the cay and so our club decided that this was a worthy initiative that we needed to do.”