A former executive of the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) is giving his views on a new proposal for the management of Freeport. The proposal would transfer some of the powers of the GBPA into a trust governed by a board of trustees.

Dillon Knowles presented a similar proposal as the one being discussed now to the GBPA for the management, upkeep and administration of the city of Freeport. Knowles says he doesn’t know if the current proposal piggybacks on his 2012 version and that he has not had any discussions about it.

Knowles also expressed that he doesn’t think presenting the proposal to the GBPA “will garner much of anything.” He said, “taking advantage of this current, I want to call it a dialogue, even though it seems to be somewhat acrimonious, but this dialogue between the government and the Port Authority for the licensees to come together and insert themselves into that discussion. Because this is a discussion that needs to be had between the three parties.”