The Forum For Impact is being held on Grand Bahama at the Pelican Bay Hotel. The two day event was opened on Wednesday evening.

The Minister for Grand Bahama, the Hon. Ginger Moxey was in attendance and delivered remarks. Moxey told attendees, “the Grand Bahama we see today is not the island which was once affectionately called the Magic City. With the periods of boom and bust, many times associated with the aftermath of natural disasters, Grand Bahama more than any other island in The Bahamas has had to rebuild. In spite of all of this, as we approach our country’s 50th anniversary of independence, I believe that the future for development over the next 50 years lies right here on Grand Bahama Island.”

Co-founder of Forum For Impact Michael Meehan said Grand Bahama was chosen as the location of the meeting because of their love of the story, people and the current projects on the island. He also said, “the expectation that we have with these types of forums is we want many of the investors who attend to think a little bit differently and maybe a little more holistically about what impact really means to them, right, in a way that opens up more opportunities for investment, not only local but also international.”