Investigations are being carried out on Grand Bahama surrounding the discovery of a body in a body bag on the eastern end of the island. Police have confirmed that Glen Campbell is being questioned concerning the issue. It is alleged that Campbell was paid to cremate the body.

ZNS News spoke to Kirsch Ferguson, President of the Bahamas Funeral Directors Association, on the issue of untrained persons posing as professionals. He said, “these individuals are now offering to families funerals less than 10-40% less than what we’re doing. Because one, they’re not collecting VAT two, they’re not paying taxes and three, they don’t have the overhead that a normal funeral home has. So it is liken unto a racket that is going on in funeral service and anyone is coming in now presenting falsified information and presenting themselves to the public. And the public, unfortunately, is biting it because its a lower price.”

To bring some solution to the issue Mr. Ferguson says that the Government must regulate funeral services. The Association has submitted documents to the government in support of legislation.

As to those who find themselves being fooled by imposters Mr. Ferguson says the only recourse presently is to go to court.