Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis headed a delegation of government officials and representatives of the Progressive Liberal Party [PLP] to the island of Bermuda. While on the island the Prime Minister spoke at the convention of the Progressive Labour Party, the sister party to the Progressive Liberal Party. Since his return controversy has erupted surrounding payment for the trip whether by the government or the Progressive Liberal Party.

After days of numerous statements and media coverage, the Prime Minister sought to bring clarity to the issue while in the House of Assembly this week. He said, “once I decided that the PLP will join me on the trip the arrangements for the charter had been paid for by the Government. I then, the day I was leaving I told, I left instructions with my senior policy advisor because of the fact that PLPs were gonna be on the flight to make sure that we will pay for the charter at least and make the arrangements when we get into Bermuda we will pay for the hotels and we will reckon and reimburse whenever we get all the receipts and that’s what the position was.”

The PLP in The Bahamas has released a copy of a check in the amount of $24,750 made payable to the Public Treasury for the charter flight to Bermuda.

The Prime Minister ended his comments in the House of Assembly by saying that he would personally cover the costs of “whatever he want for and that a reckoning would be done.”