In recognition of gambling awareness month Island Luck has donated $30,000 to the Sandilands Rehabilitation Center. Dr. Sean Knowles accepted the donation on behalf of Sandilands.

He said, “one thing that we recognize with any kind of behavioural addiction or substance abuse disorder is that the brain completes development usually between 20 and 25. And so it is crucial, I need Bahamians to get this, not to start using any substances, not developing any kind of addiction whether it be even sex, whether it be gambling, whether it be gaming in terms of video gaming. Because what it does it causes the brain to be stunted in development. At some point we hope to educate the gaming industry persons regarding that.”

Dr. Knowles also advised, “if you want to drink socially wait until 24, 25 when your brain is completely developed. Because at the end of the day it prevents you from having poor prognosis, prevents you from having to go into rehab periodically, we have that all the time. Persons coming in and out of rehab because again its a brain disease and so they end up relapsing. And so the best message we can say is do not start anything that has the potential to cause you to have problems later on in life wait under your brain in developed.”