GBPA President Shares Vision For Island’s Economy


President of the Grand Bahama Port Authority appeared on the Til The Road You Trod TV show on Wednesday where he outlined the vision for Grand Bahama’s economy.

Ian Rolle said, “the Port has to do it’s part so whatever role we have to play, we have to improve our processes. Whatever the role the government plays, it has to improve its processes. And maybe some of the things implemented by the government, certain policies, a duplication of efforts and probably should allow the Grand Bahama Port Authority to continue what it was doing prior to these rules because certain things have made it more difficult for business activities to happen.”

Rolle went further stating, “years ago I would have had meetings with CEOs of various cruise lines and they spoke about our arrival experience. Our existing cruise port it was inadequate. Freeport rate was probably at the bottom of all the other Caribbean ports. So the new cruise port is happening, the existing cruise port is going to be redeveloped. Then we also need to introduce more higher end product, the Port has brought the Weller Group and the Six Senses brand. So you’re not going to stop there. You need more boutique type hotels like that.”