The Grand Bahama Port Authority Workers Union is calling for the signing of their industrial agreement or they will take legal action.

President of the union Cory Cartwright told ZNS News that some of their concerns include union busting, unfair termination, back pay and the signing of their agreement. Cartwright continued stating, “from 2017 it has been an uphill battle and we are now calling for the board, the executive chief members of Carnival and Royal Caribbean to step in and aid us in this situation for the removal of the existing administration.”

Also commenting was Grand Bahama Shipyard employee Elie’Kindro Fleurisma who is concerned for his job security. He said, “its very frustrating because its something that should have been done already. This is almost six years now or more that we have been waiting without a contract. We already went through the pandemic. We already went through hurricanes and its almost like we are on the back burner. like the members of the union just don’t matter.”

Cartwright further lamented that, “Freeport has been suffering and nobody is paying attention to how determinations, especially in the labour department are happening, not blaming labour, but if they look at the Shipyard records it goes for itself. Even to the recent firing, two years ago or a year ago, of Mr. Greg Saunders Jr. who was a good manager. Why was he terminated and a foreign aid brought on? What are you saying to the Bahamian people, this job is not for you. Are we going back to the days of slavery?

The Grand Bahamas Shipyard was contacted for comment to no avail.