Minister of State for the Public Service, the Hon. Pia Glover-Rolle gave members of the media an update on the public service promotion exercise she announced before the Easter holidays.

Speaking on this sidelines of an opening of a three week training workshop the Minister said, “the workforce audit continues. We need to determine who are the public servants that are working in the various ministries, then the ministries have to send recommendations. After they of they go through their registers and we cross check, we need to ensure that persons are not left behind. So this means between the public service and other ministries we may have a back and forth to ensure that everyone that is eligible their files are brought into the public service ministry.”

Minister Glover-Rolle continued, “there’s ensuring that the files are prepared and then there’s movement to the Public Service Commission. So there’s a process before we get to the promotions. So we’ve started the process now so that we’re not waiting for the fiscal year, we can engage these promotions as quickly and as swiftly as possible.”