Police Press Liaison Officer Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings gave a statement to members of the media in response to photos of a double homicide being leaked and circulated on social media.

Skippings said, “as an organization we are very, very concerned about it. I can tell you that we have launched an internal investigation into that matter and where we find that there is a breach the person or persons will face consequences. And I want to encourage members of the public to be sensitive to persons who may have lost their loved ones especially when you see a photograph circulating. For a moment think if its your family would you like to see that. Let me also say this, actually when you forward any sort of information that come to your phone, if you forward it there’s something in law referred to as publishing of documents and that there is actually an offence. And so I want to encourage members of the public when you see graphic photos or photos of any crime scene or anything of that sort please do not forward those photographs or pics that you may call them. If you see or if you know of someone who may have had the photo and they’re sending it around give us a call.”