Members of the Commonwealth Electrical Workers Union are speaking out against the Grand Bahama Power Company. They are of the view that the Emera Group, which runs the power company, is not for Grand Bahama.

According to Union President, Roscoe Burrows, there are four termination disputes which are before the Labour Dept., two of which have been deemed wrongful. Burrows is also concerned that workers who use the provided hotline to voice complaints and concerns against the company are being victimized and or terminated. Linesmen safety is also an issue. Burrows said, “we don’t see where its really been feasibly addressed to make them feel comfortable in their work on a daily basis.”

Speaking on the issue of job descriptions and pay, the union president said, “they’re owed monies from 2020. You have another group of workers, they would have been performing tasks, in a similar manner, that they should have been paid for, they weren’t compensated for and that is outstanding from 2017.”

The union is calling on the government to intervene by speaking with the Emera Group.