The Algreen family have been in a struggle with local cemetery Woodlawn Gardens to lay their loved one to rest.  The family attempted to bury Kenneth Algreen unsuccessfully on July 15th.

Mrs. Loretta Algreen recounted what happened.  She said, “on the 15th we came here to bury my husband.  When we got here we found out it was the wrong plot.  The informed us that the plot that was ours that it was damaged, during the hurricane a tree was there and they was upgrading us and they was sending us down in the back.”

Daughter of the deceased informed that the plot was purchased in the 80s and was next to the graves of her father’s parents.  Tina Algreen-Moree also expressed skepticism of the explanation given to them by officials at Woodlawn Gardens.  She said, “they were not being truthful because from I buried my grandmother in 2011 there was never any trees there to damage the plots that they’re saying were damaged and they couldn’t bury him in there.  I’m assuming, I could be wrong, but I’m assuming that probably someone is already in that grave.”

On another attempt at burying Mr. Algreen the plot provided was too small.  Algreen-Moree become emotional when stating her feelings about the situation.  She said, “it’s horrendous, trying to ask somebody that is already hurting, that has watched their father pass and now you come to bury him and you can’t.  That’s the most hurtful thing ever.”

Officials at Woodlawn Gardens did not provide comment.