A man was found dead in his apartment at The Venito on Atlantic Drive near Super Value Cable Beach after being reported missing by co-workers. Police Press Liaison, Chief Superintendent, Chrislyn Skippings was on the scene and spoke to reporters. She said, “it was around 10:30 this morning when co-workers alerted Police that they did not hear from a co-worker.”

Officers discovered the crime scene after breaching the victim’s residence along with the Venito property manager. Skippings said that once the Police were inside the condominium they “discovered a caucasian male who appears to be in his early sixties with multiple lacerations to the body.”

Chief Superintendent Skippings could not say definitively how much time had passed between the discovery of the body and the time of death but Skippings estimated it had been a day.

The Venito property is equipped with security cameras which will assist with the investigation. It is also expected that other residents of the complex will be questioned. On this Skippings said, “police are investigating at this time and I can assure you that they will speak with residents of the condominiums to see if there would be any clues or any information that can assist with the investigations.”