A man wanted by Police was fatally shot after engaging Police in the Gamble Heights area. Police Press Liaison Officer, Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings gave details of the incident. She said, “it was shortly after 5pm when officers acting on intelligence that a wanted suspect was seen at a residence in Gamble Heights, officers proceeded and the wanted suspect, on seeing the officers, engaged the officers and was fatally shot. Police recovered a handgun along with ammunition from the deceased.”

Skippings said that the deceased was wanted in connection with a number of armed robberies and appeared to be in his early twenties.

The Chief Superintendent also cautioned people engaged in criminal activities that the Police will maintain law and order. She said, “I would like to caution those persons involved in criminal behaviour, the police is here to maintain law and order. We are here to preserve the peace. We are here to protect life and property and those persons who fail to obey law and order this could be their fate. Police officers have families who love them and who care for them and we are here to guard and protect the good citizens of this Bahamas that we love and we will continue to do exactly what we’re doing.”