The Prime Minister and the Minister of Tourism, Investments and Aviation are giving their take on whether or not crime is or will have an impact on Tourism. It should be notes the United States officials have issued a crime advisory to their residents visiting The Bahamas.

For his part, Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis said, “we are dealing with it effectively. Hence, I don’t think you’ll see any downturn in tourism because of that.”

The Hon. Chester Cooper, who has responsibility for tourism, told reporters, “a crime against a Bahamian is horrific. A crime against a tourist is simply a stupid thing to do. In effect what we would be doing is biting the hand that feed us. I said during the budget debate 60 cents out of every dollar that we get comes from tourism.”

Cooper also made this appeal saying, “I’m calling on Bahamians everywhere to assist the Police, assist the Ministry of National Security in terms of managing and curtailing and reporting of criminal elements in our community.”

In relation to the travel advisory the minister says that he is happy that it does not escalate the alarm for travelers to The Bahamas.