A 21 year old man was shot to death in his house in the Kennedy Subdivision community on Wednesday evening.

Police were on the scene where they gave details of the incident and appealed to the public for information. Police Press Liaison Officer Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings said, “those who may have any information we would like for you to reach out to the Criminal Investigations Department or the Southeastern Division, that’s your East Street South Police Station or even the Urban Renewal Centers to provide any information that you may have regarding this latest homicide.”

Skippings went further stating, “this incident in this particular community tonight is most unfortune because this is a very quiet community. This community we don’t come to its very, very quiet, We haven’t seen incidents of this occurring. And so we’re definitely going to beef up our patrols in this particular community as well.”

The Chief Superintendent also addressed the efforts of police in the crime fight. “Shortly before this incident occurred, as you know we have, Commissioner spoke to saturation patrols being ongoing, we have a number of vehicles on the ground right now throughout the island of New Providence and those saturation patrols have yielded. Like I said, just before this incident occurred and a young man being found in possession of a hand gun and ammunition while on Claridge Road. We have identified the hotspots within New Providence. And so we have our units patrolling those areas on a very constant and regular basis in an attempt to prevent and minimize these sorts of incidents from occurring within our community,” she said.