A man was fatally shot after engaging in gunfire with Police in the area of Washington Street. Police Press Liaison, Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings was on the scene and told reporters that police were responding reports of an armed robbery. She said, “they saw a vehicle fitting the description of the vehicle involved in the armed robbery in the immediate area. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle, however the vehicle sped off. One of the males in the vehicle exited the vehicle, he engaged police officers and he was fatally wounded.”

His Majesty’s Coroner has taken over the case. The deceased is believed to be a male in his teens, however nothing else could be confirmed. Chief Superintendent Skippings cautioned those who would fire at officers saying, “I send a world of whoa and caution to the criminals, put the guns down, turn the guns in. Lets bring our country back to a state where everybody can enjoy this peaceful country that we so much love. Those people who seek to engage in criminal activities. Those who seek to engage the police, the police will protect the good citizens and the police officers will protect themselves as they too have families that they have to go home too. And so I encourage those who engage in lawless behavior to seek ways to correct those behaviours. Because as a law enforcement agency we’re going to do just what it is we’re going to do.”