Volunteers on the ground in Mayaguana are reporting that the island’s residents are in need of supplies. Persis Charlton of the Red Cross Mayaguana District spoke to ZNS news about what is needed on the island. She said, “we are in dire need of blankets. We are in dire need of cots and we are in dire need of any supplies that the Red Cross Department in Nassau can supply for the island of Mayaguana. And even if they can lobby for a big generator to keep our medical supplies cool enough so that they can be used. In addition, if the Red Cross can supply us with four kits, one for the command center and three for the shelters will be great. The Red Cross at this time do not have any first aid kits on the island of Mayaguana.”

The Salvation Army is ready to assist as needed. The Divisional Commander, Major Roodolph Meo said that any help they can get to assist with the recovery efforts in The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands in the wake of Hurricane Fiona is welcomed.