PLP First Year Performance


September 16th marked one year since the Progressive Liberal Party won the general elections of 2021 defeating the Free National Movement and other third parties. Minister of Social Services and Urban Development spoke to ZNS news about the progress made in his ministry in the past year. Minister Wilchcombe said, “I’m very please that we’ve been able to increase the provisions for our clients at 10% across the board but there is much more to be done. Too many of our people are still not sleeping with a roof over their heads. Too many of our people are still in search of job opportunities. Too many of our people are still suffering from healthcare issues that we in Social Services must attend to. And too many of our disabled are still not being considered equal.”

Wilchcombe, who also serves as leader of government business in the House of Assembly, also spoke to legislation that the Davis administration has successfully brought to parliament. He said the government’s legislative agenda will get more aggressive to address issues saying, “we want to answer these issues. We want to be able to be that holistic government. The government that caters to all men and people of our country in all the right ways.”

The Minister also spoke highly of Prime Minister Davis saying that he is a man of action and one who wants to get things done.