Linda Clarke is mother to a nine year son. She is manager at a local financial services firm, runner, toastmaster and tech enthusiast.

Clarke describes her busy life as wearing many hats. She said, “It think about my mother and her decision to be a stay at home mom and just be completely focused on raising her kids. And of course, being in this modern society where we’re in now we look at that as being a luxury. Being a 21st century mom for me like we’re here, we’re in my office, my son is at school and its really about putting my son first but also not losing sight of who I am, not just as a mother as a woman and as a person.”

Clarke went further stating, “I am the mother of a son and when we hear about what is happening on our society and how our young men have really been deemed as being at risk. That is something that I just take a personal accountability for when I raise my son, just being extra focused, making sure that I’m on top of him with his education, that I’m on top of him with his extra curricular activities.”