Min. of Education praises students of C.V. Bethel School’s Agricultural Program

Hasina Johnson, Agriculture Science Coordinator at C.V. Bethel Senior High School, talks about the school’s agricultural program with the Hon. Jeffrey Lloyd, Minister of Education, as they take a close look at the produce grown at the Pick N Pay Farm. (BIS Photos/Kristaan Ingraham)

The Hon. Jeffrey Lloyd, Minister of Education, is proud of C.V. Bethel Senior High School’s agricultural program. Not only did he harvest sweet potatoes from the school’s Pick N Pay farm during a recent visit, but he also purchased cabbage, celery, various other vegetables, eggs and hot sauce.

“[It’s] very impressive. I had no idea the extent of the agricultural program at C.V. Bethel. I’m very proud,” said Minister Lloyd.

“I believe that is a symbol for other young people that this is no longer a back-breaking, pothole industry. When I was growing up nobody wanted to go into agriculture. They saw it has hard work and not glamorous. They certainly were not interested because they didn’t see the profit in it. But today it’s very lucrative.

“I hope students appreciate in this pandemic how valuable agriculture is especially when you talk about diversification of our economy; but more importantly the fact that if those ships and freight boats did not come in, we were not going to be able to feed ourselves….” He commended the students on their enthusiasm and agricultural program achievements.

“More and more people, conscious of their health, are turning to natural products, home-grown products and backyard farming,” added Minister Lloyd.

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