Ministry of Education awaits clearance to resume in-classroom learning


Face to face in person classroom learning – which was expected to resume at the start of next month in selected islands in the country – has been postponed.

After meeting with health officials, Minister of Education the Hon. Jeffery Lloyd gave us an update on the way forward.

“Whatever we decide, that in person instruction will be what we have forecasted in being what we call blended learning.

“On some days some students, some percentage of the students for a particular institution will be on campus while the others would remain in a virtual space and then the reverse of that.

“So, for our sake, meaning the Ministry of Education, we have already very clearly established guidelines protocols, processes action steps.

“But it’s a matter of satisfying the Ministry of Health because as you would have expect the world now is experiencing a variety of strains and they wish to of course prevent any of those such strains to reach the Bahamas” the Education Minister said.