Former Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for Killarney, the Most Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis made contribution to debate in the House of Assembly on Monday on a resolution for The Bahamas to join the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

During his contribution Dr. Minnis also spoke to the need for a new parliament building. He said, “two of these buildings date to the beginning of the nineteenth century. The building of one started in the late eighteenth century. The limitations of these old buildings hamper the functioning of parliament. There’s inadequate space for members and the staff of parliament. And just so the public will understand, to have just a small insight as to the conditions here at parliament, I would only briefly in two sentence talk about the bathroom. There’s only one urinal facility so if one individual is in there others must wait in line or go and utilize the services of the bank or other adjourning businesses.”

The Minister of Works and Utilities and Member of Parliament for Fort Charlotte, the Hon. Alfred Sears also spoke on the new parliament building. He said, “a team has been assembled, an interdisciplinary team, for the design of a new parliament. And that team has been working traveling to different locations looking and various other parliaments so that they can be informed by the best practices in the design of the national parliament of The Bahamas.”