Darranique Stuart is speaking out on the water challenges being experienced on Moore’s Island. She told ZNS News, “sometimes during the week the water would turn off, sometimes it’d be off for weeks and then through the week sometimes it would turn off late in the night and would come back on in the morning. But by time as it come back on the the morning, it doesn’t reach to every household. So can you imagine that students have to bathe in the morning before school but then they don’t have water. And then you have necessities that you have to perform but then water isn’t available.”

Stuart says that she has contacted her Member of Parliament and commends him for the work that he is doing on the issue. She is of the view that an assessment is needed to determine the problem and then a solution.

Water and Sewerage Corporation Area Manager, Tony Scriven, told ZNS News that the Corporation has a solution in place that is expected to be implemented in the next two to three weeks.