The Minister of National Security is speaking out on the rise in sexual assaults calling it disturbing.

The Hon. Wayne Munroe said, “the breaking in and raping an old woman, molesting a young child and raping anyone, sexual violence against anyone, isn’t something that to my mind is natural or in anyway should be acceptable. What is most troubling about it is these are our sons and, in some limited instances, daughters doing these things.”

In light of some of the suspects in recent sexual assault incidents being alleged repeat offenders, Munroe was questioned about the sexual offenders registry. He said, the registrar is there. When anybody is released who they think ought to have public notification they advise me. When there is a view to have local notification they advise me of that as well. But it does not apply to people who are released on bail and it does not apply to people who were convicted before the act came into force.”

The Minister said that its sad that we have to raise our children not to be trusting. “We have to get back engrained in our young people’s mind, you don’t talk to strangers, period. So if you don’t know the person, you don’t talk to the person. Sadly in the world today some of these offences are being carried out by person’s known to these young people. And so, you have to, unfortunately, raise your children that they are to be very careful.”