National Public Service Week has been launched with a church service held at the Mt. Tabor Church. The service was attended by public servants along with the Minister of State for the Public Service, the Hon. Pia Glover-Rolle and Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Education and Technical and Vocational Training, the Hon. Glenys Hanna Martin.

Minister Glover-Rolle told congregants, “I came into the public and I felt that during that time God was giving me a preview of what it meant to be a public servant. After a long career in the private sector and as an entrepreneur I had an opportunity to serve in the public service. I had insight into the challenges, into the strengths, into the weaknesses and I had the opportunity to build a network within the public service.”

Glover-Rolle also spoke to the plans of government for the public service saying, “the government plans to achieve this agenda in the interest of national development to ensure that we are taking care of our employees, addressing their concerns and empowering them to do the best work possible. So as we roll out a slate of reforms our objective is to transform the public service to improve lives. And that is why in year one our agenda began with securing higher wages and promotions, increasing pensions and benefits and providing opportunities for training and enrichment.”

For her part, Acting Prime Minister Hanna Martin thanked public servants for keeping the wheels of government turning.

The sermon at the service was delivered by Bishop Neil C. Ellis. He expressed his support for Minister Glover-Rolle.

The week of activities include a careers fair and a float parade.