New Finance Head for Fowlco Maritime & Logistics


Fowlco Maritime Projects & Services, a global leader in maritime and logistics solutions headquartered in Grand Bahama, recently announced the appointment of Talea Beneby as its Group Financial Controller.

President and CEO of Fowlco, Glennett Fowler, shared, “This appointment supports our strategic and developmental plans as an organization and aligns with our commitment to retain top talent as we continue to build a stellar team of qualified young Bahamians. Talea brings a wealth of experiences from various industries including finance, hospitality and human resources. Her fresh perspectives and expertise have already added tremendous value as we prepare to embark on a new chapter in our company’s development.”

A native of Grand Bahama, Talea explained, “Coming back home to Freeport had always been a desire and long-term goal for me.  Additionally, leadership has always been an important factor in my career choices. Having admired Fowlco from a distance, its dynamic female leadership, strong values and the innovation they’ve brought to the maritime industry, when the opportunity was presented, I was most eager to join the team.”

Talea has held leadership roles in accounting and finance for the past 15 years, most recently as the Financial Controller and head of Human Resources for a boutique hotel in New Providence. She holds Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Management from Northwood University and a Master’s degree in Accounting from Kaplan University.

As the lead for Fowlco’s finance team, Talea explained, “In addition to delivering financial solutions and guidance for the company, I also provide oversight to the administrative departments. Since joining, the teams have continued to work diligently to support our operational commitment to providing the best customer experience to all of our internal and external clients.“

Mrs. Fowler added, “Embracing our mantra of ‘Limitless Possibilities’ as an organization we are consistently seeking opportunities to enhance the way we do business, leveraging technology, trends and industry opportunities. We are grateful for Talea’s astute leadership and guidance over the last few months as we have been navigating an expansion opportunity, which we hope to share details of in the coming weeks.”

Underscoring the company’s ‘limitless’ commitment, Talea described what she believes sets Fowlco apart in the maritime and logistics industry. “The Fowlco team is unique because of our flexibility. We all work beyond the scope of our duties to ensure that the overall objectives for every project are not just met, but often exceeded. Just recently, a team member from Logistics jumped in to support the Finance team in meeting a client deadline, offering us an extra hand and resulting in speedy results. To me this is the epitome of teamwork and what team Fowlco embodies. We are not limited by roles and expected norms, we do what is necessary, always!”

Mrs. Fowler concluded, “We believe that the strength of our team is vital to our ability to meet the current and future needs of our clients and to this end, we are committed to building a robust team of industry professionals, providing excellent service and staying abreast of advancements in the maritime industry.”