The Minister of National Security commented on the police investigation into allegations made against a sitting Member of Parliament outside of Cabinet yesterday. The Minister was responding to comments made by Bjorn Ferguson, attorney for the woman accusing Member of Parliament for North Abaco, the Hon. Kirk Cornish of sexual assault. Ferguson said there’s a double standard in how complaints against influential people are dealt with by police.

The Hon. Wayne Munroe said, “I don’t really understand his reference. I practiced before the courts for 31 years before taking his office and the time that investigations take are driven less by who you are than by the facts of a matter. So if you have an allegation, we had them with tourist with spring break things. Its fairly simple, they say they were raped, they come immediately to the police station, they’re carried to the hospital all of the happens in a short compass. Whether the person in that instance is rich, powerful or famous doesn’t really matter.”

The Minister went further stating, “if you make a complaint a month later they have to investigate your interactions and communications over that month. That takes longer than investigating your interactions and communications over one hour. So in my experience of thirty one years that’s been my experience. Its been driven not so much by the person but by the facts that the police are investigating.”

Munroe says the timeframe of the investigation is not excessive.