President of the Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce James Carey says Grand Bahama is feeling better and that excitement is in the air about all of the projects in various stages on the island namely the Grand Bahama Cruise Port, the recently announced expansion of Riding Point project by the Liwathon Group and the expansion of the Grand Bahama Shipyard.

Speaking about the Liwathon Group securing funding for the Riding Point project, Carey said, “the availability of funds now mean that they can go ahead with the expansion of that facility and expansion means that there will be dollars on the ground.”

President of Rag To Riches Roger Rolle spoke to the development of a cruise port by Carnival Cruise Lines.  “The Bahamian who are already employed there can talk about stability and those who may have some skills that can be acquired either through direct employment, which I don’t see that being a large number of persons, but sub contraction or sub contracting work being available for Bahamians who do  engineering, tank cleaning, fabrication, things of the nature.”