The Bahamas Optimist National Championships were held over the weekend at Montagu Bay with close to one hundred sailors participating. The event was hosted by the Nassau Yacht Club.

Emma Tinker, Chairwoman of the event said that participation varies from year to year and that this year’s is one of the biggest that they have had with ninety eight participants of the one hundred and one registrants. She also said, “a lot of organizing goes into it. We have a committee of parents that assisted with that. And obviously the Nassau Yacht Club has been amazing.”

Unfortunately for racers the weather provided them with challenges over the two day event which caused some postponements. In spite of this, Ms. Tinkler said six races were completed.

Fidelity Bank was the titled sponsor of this year’s races, Chief Executive Officer, Gowan Bowe was on hand at the event. He told ZNS Sports, “when you see ninety eight boats and the majority of which being Bahamian that’s just a proud moment. Certainly when you hear the names of young Bahamians who are actually competing at a level that allows them to travel internationally and be representatives that is a proud moment. And so, the only way they will be able to do so is through these types of events and the only way these types of events will take place is if corporate Bahamas understands its role to play.”

Bowe also said the discipline involved in sports is a large part of why it is so important.

The Bahamas Optimist Championships is a regatta held on a different island locations each year. The sailors are between 8 -15 years of age.