Officers and members of the Progressive Liberal Party commemorated the one year anniversary of their election win with a church service at Life Changers Ministries International. Prime Minister and Party Leader, the Hon. Philip Davis, Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Party Leader, the Hon. Chester Cooper along with other cabinet ministers and Members of Parliament were on hand at the service.

The Prime Minister brought remarks on behalf of his administration. He told congregants of accomplishments thus far saying, “we eliminated harsh penalties for violation of COVID-19 protocols. We eliminated the financially restrictive burden of health visas. We made COVID-19 testing free, administrating more than 170,000 tests. We distributed more than 1 million free medical grade masks from testing sites, clinics and schools. We expanded the capacity of our hospitals and began upgrading local clinics. We hired more doctors and nurses. We are on target to build two new hospitals, one in New Providence and the other in Grand Bahama.”

The Prime Minister also spoke of efforts to reform the public service saying, “we settled the majority of outstanding promotions and regularizations while work continues to deal with the remainder. We concluded negotiations and signed agreements to enhance compensation packages for the Bahamas Nurses Union, the Public Managers Unions, the Bahamas Educators, Councilors and Allied Workers Union, the Bahamas Teachers Union, the Bahamas Customs Immigration and Allied Workers Union and we are continuing amicable negotiations with the Bahamas Public Service Union.”

The sermon at the service was delivered by the Senior Pastor of Life Changers Ministries, Apostle Valentino Williams who admonished the government to remain focused.