Police officers along with members of the National Neighbourhood Watch and Urban Renewal conducted a walkabout in the Pastel Gardens community on Wednesday.

Chief Superintendent of Police in charge of the Southwestern District Mark Barret was a part of the delegation. He told ZNS News, “we’re identifying at risk youths in the community so that we can involve them in a holistic program. In most cases these individuals come into contact with the police whether from the schools in the division and or those who were involved in some form of criminality. And so these are the individuals that we are somewhat targeting so that we can get them involved in the program.”

The Chief Superintendent also spoke about the occurrence of domestic disputes. “Within this particular division there is a lot of domestic related matters that are being brought to the Police attention. And so we want to address these concerns also and sensitize people to the awareness of domestic related issues and then confront them head on. And I believe if we do that then we can somewhat mitigate the level of criminality that we are currently experiencing.”