P.H.A Launches Patient Registration Training Program

Registration Training June 2021

Twenty six participants from the institutions of the Public Hospitals Authority and the Ministry of Health began a four (4) day Patient Registration Training Program Tuesday June 8th, 2021 at the PHA Corporate Training Centre. The program was launched as part of the Ministry of Health’s Urgent & Emergency Care Project, the objective of which is to enhance Urgent and Emergency services at public facilities in New Providence.

As a part of enhancing the ability of the Princess Margaret Hospital Emergency Department to respond to critical cases, Phase 1 construction works at PMH commenced in November 2019. Subsequent phases of the project scheduled for this year will continue the expansion and upgrade of the PMH Emergency Department in addition to the proposed upgrade of the Elizabeth Estates Clinic and the South Beach Health Centre as Urgent Care sites.

The training in Patient Registration will enhance the standardization of operations across the public health system. PHA Deputy Managing Director, Lyrone C. Burrows observed, “Training remains one of the fundamental features of the Urgent & Emergency Care Project.” He went on, “Training is also a key priority of the Public Hospitals Authority and an area where we continue to make investments to ensure professional development and improved service delivery.” The first cohort of trainees will complete the training on Friday June 11th.

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