Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), the Hon. Michael Pintard was questioned about the infighting and division within his Party by members of the media. The FNM has had several public disagreements since Pintard assumed leadership of the organization, the latest being rival association meetings in Garden Hills and Centreville where Pintard and former FNM leader, the Most Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis were the keynote speakers respectively. This after Minnis was banned from addressing association meetings by Party officials.

Pintard answered saying, “what I’m doing is seeking to repair the associations that ran into significant difficulties before the last general election and to make sure that they are battle ready in every one of our constituencies. And so, again, my role is hold the government accountable, rebuild the credibility of the Party on the ground with constituents and then also, in my own constituency, to make sure Marco City is strong. And so that is the business I am about.”

Commenting on whether Dr. Hubert supports his leadership, Pintard said, “I am fully in control of the Free National Movement and the team supports me leadership fully.”