Police arrested nine male suspects for Possession of unlicensed firearms and stolen vehicles


In the first incident, preliminary reports are that shortly before 9:00 p.m., on Sunday 23rd January 2022, acting on information, officers from the Operations Unit proceeded to a residence located on Lilly of the Valley Corner. On their arrival, they were directed to the rear of the residence. While there they found 8 males lying face down on the ground in an attempt to hide themselves from the officers. A field search was conducted, this resulted in three pistols, an extended magazine and (34) unfired rounds of ammunition being found. The officers also found three vehicles which are suspected of being stolen. They include: two Nissan Notes and a Honda Fit.

The eight males who range from ages 21 and 32 years were all arrested and taken into custody. Investigations into this matter continues.

In the second incident, preliminary reports are that sometime around 1:45 a.m., on Monday 24th January 2022. Police were alerted to the sounds of gunshot in the area of Deveaux and Market Street by the Shot Spotter technology. It was later confirmed that a male suspect was discharging a firearm at the rear of a business establishment located on Fleming Street.

During the incident two off duty officers who were present, reported observing a male discharging the firearm. They then stealthy approached the suspect, subdued and arrested him. The officers conducted a field search and found a pistol containing (11) unfired rounds of ammunitions. Investigations into this matter continue.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force wish to thank members of the public for their use of the Hotlines provided to assist in reporting incidents of social gatherings. Your calls have aided in the reduction in social gatherings. The public is encouraged to continue to call
702-9967, 702-9968 and 702-9969 to report any incident of social gatherings that maybe in contravention of the COVID19 Emergency Order.

Source: RBPF Public Affairs & Communications Office