Police are investigating multiple shootings that occurred over the weekend. One of those shootings occurred on Peter Street on Sunday afternoon.

Of this incident, Assistant Commissioner of Police for Crime Management and Criminal Investigations, Kenwood Taylor, told ZNS News, “preliminary reports reveal that the 28 year old victim was working on a vehicle when he was approached and subsequently shot by the suspects who exited a dark colored vehicle.” Taylor went on saying, “the victim was shot multiple times and taken to the hospital via private vehicle where he is in stable condition.”

The other shooting resulted in the death of a man on Sixth Terrace. Assistant Commissioner Taylor was on the scene and told reporters, “upon our arrival at the scene we would have observed two victims suffering from gunshot wounds about the upper extremities. One of those victims was taken to the hospital by ambulance, the other succumbed on scene. The victim was in his mid thirties. We do know he is known to the police. As a matter of fact he was out on bail for a previous murder which occurred in 2016. Also the victim was wearing an ankle monitor bracelet.”

This latest murder victim adds to the number of persons being monitored by Police involved in criminal activity either as the perpetrator or the victim. Minister of National Security has commented on the issue saying, “we need to satisfy ourselves the our concerns are being effectively communicated to the judiciary with the accompanying evidence that they can have to make reasoned informed decisions. Cause a court will make a decision based on the material you put before it.”