Deputy Managing Director of Bahamasair, Prince Storr, spoke to ZNS New about Bahamasair’s new succession planning program. He said, “in this program we recognize persons who we consider the future leaders of the airline. And also what we want to do is train those persons and give them the recognition that they need because we want to mentor them in a way that the airline continues to grow and go while into the future. We want fifty years from now, when I’m sure I’ll be gone, that Bahamasair is still the number one airline or the airline of choice within the Bahamas.”

The airline also plans to introduce an employee engagement program. Of this endeavor Mr. Storr said, “we also want our staff to remain engaged, remain informed, remain educated and we spare no expenses in ensuring that this program moves forward. With the work environment, the main thing we look at is happy employees make happy customers, happy customers are return customers and that’s important for us, you our valued customers. We know if you’re happy, if you have a good experience with us, you’ll return. And in order to have that you don’t need to see an employee on the counter with a sour face.”