The lifeless body of a man was discovered in waters near Saunders Beach on Monday morning.  When the remains were removed from the water significant injuries were noticed to the left side of the body consistent with shark bites.

Police Press Liaison Officer Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings was on the scene and spoke to members of the media about the discovery.  She also advised the public “when you come to the beach bring family members or bring someone along with you who can assist you in the event of an emergency.  And then to those beach goers who frequent the beach, even though you’re out here catching the cool breeze or swimming I want you to also pay attention to other beach goers, to swimmers in the area.  Pay attention to them while you’re out here because if something goes wrong, again, you’ll be able to render some assistance or you maybe able to make that call in order to save the individual’s life.”