Plans are underway for the redevelopment of Potter’s Cay Dock. It is envisioned that the site will become a cultural hub in Nassau. A public private partnership is the vehicle being used to bring these plans to fruition. President of the Potter’s Cay Vendors Association, Ormanique Bowe, spoke to ZNS News saying, “right now what we are doing is just planning and putting ideas together, sharing each other’s dreams and visions of what Potter’s Cay should look like in the future.”

With proposals on the table, Ms. Bowe says the current goal is to formulate one voice. She went further stating, “we’re looking at more than just restaurants, we’re looking at a cultural hub. We’re looking at artisans and artists.”

Advisor to the group, Mr. Donovan Moxey said that in speaking with the Mail Boat Association his view is that, “if we’re going to do this process than it has to be very inclusive. And that’s inclusive with respect to the stakeholders, that’s inclusive with respect to the community, that’s inclusive with respect to the government. And what we need to do is think differently and broadly about what Potter’s Cay can be.”

Marina Bland of The Global Resiliency Project is a consultant on the project. She said, “one of the first things we started talking about is the opportunity to move the commercial element of it away from here. Then what you will get is you get more free space to do more out here. But then people can drop their things of everyday, whenever they’re ready. And then you would have a shipping kind of mechanism and then you’ll have jobs.”

The project is still in the early stages but is intended to be inline with development at the Nassau Cruise Port. Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Nassau Cruise Port, Mike Maura says, “the time is now to be investing in your real estate downtown and investing in your businesses downtown, improving our product so that we come from bottom to top in terms of those customer passenger surveys.”

Potter’s Cay vendors say they intend to invite the public to share their ideas during this consultative process.