Prime Minister and Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), the Hon. Philip Davis led a delegation to Grand Bahama on Monday morning after getting word of the passing of the late Hon. Obediah Wilchcombe.

Mr. Davis visited the Rand Memorial Hospital where Wilchcombe was taken before heading to the PLP’s headquarters on the island. While there Davis addressed PLP supporters and members of the media who had assembled. Speaking of Wilchcombe he said, “his contribution to the development of this country is exemplary. Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 2, they were all made right here, all at the instance of Obie Wilchcombe. In tourism, our brand of sports tourism, he’s the one the started and we are still riding on that to this day. And we are hosting international world class events as a result of his efforts. And yes we have 8 million tourists coming in today, but again, it started with the foundation laid by him.”

Davis went further saying, “I am told that last night, in this very place, Obie addressed the women’s branch and that everyone was so a tip with that speech as passionate. I was happy that he was able to speak to the women’s branch, identify what’s going on because he work will be continued.”

The Prime Minister also offered words of encouragement to the grieving crowd, “none of us here will ever out live life. But as Christians we know that death is not the end. As Christians we know that that’s only a passageway to a greater and larger life. And of course we need to live right to be able to hear those final words, ‘well done though good and faithful servant.'”

Davis returned to the capital on Monday afternoon.