The late Hon. Obie Wilchcombe had recently been given ministerial responsibility for the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas and Bahamas Information Services in a cabinet shuffle by Prime Minister Davis.

Wilchcombe had begun formulating plans for the Corporation along with Mr. Adrian Francis and others. Francis spoke to ZNS News about what Wilchcombe planned for the future of ZNS. He said, “we were just talking about the plans for broadcasting. He had just met with Tyler Perry who has submitted some equipment and other things, some training for the staff at ZNS and so we were going over all of that, having met with Tyler Perry, having met with all the different persons. Sending persons to Canada, sending persons to London to train was part of his new mandate with ZNS. And so he was getting my input and we were designing this new thrust for ZNS. And so this is, with all intends and purposes, this is really just shocking.”