Prime Minister’s Golden Jubilee National Address


Thousands gathered on Clifford Park on July 9th for the Military Tattoo and Cultural Show in celebration of the 50th anniversary of independence. This year the Prime Minister addressed the crowd.

The fifth Prime Minister in an independence Bahamas, the Hon. Philip Davis said, “independence was the first big step on a long journey that continues to take our nation forward and upward. These past months we have looked back with gratitude and pride reminding ourselves of how we got here with Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling and Arthur Dion Hanna let the names of the many many great women and men who built the foundation of our Bahamas forever ring loudly in the hearts and minds of the Bahamian people everywhere.”

Davis continued saying, “my brothers and my sisters we, all of us, are the Joshua generation each of us is called to continue to play our part to build on our inheritance. Each of us is called to join our footsteps on the road to our promise land. A land where we can keep ourselves safe and secure. A land where we can raise ourselves out of poverty and educate it into greatness. A land where opportunity and justice are free and fair and available to all.”

The Prime Minister said that he will continue to serve faithfully in all that he is called to do. He also called on Bahamians to recommit to being their best selves.

(BIS Photo/Patrick Hanna)