The Minister of Immigration and Labour, the Hon. Keith Belle spoke to reporters on his way to this week’s cabinet meeting on the repatriation efforts of the Government.

He said, “the fact of the matter is that over the last two or three months, the Royal Bahamas Defense Force along with our US counterparts has been intercepting every irregular migrant vessel that has come into our borders, which is very significant. And so, I would tell the Bahamian public, the proof is not in the words but rather in the pudding. Let me indicate too, we’re not only dealing with irregular migrants who are coming here by boat, we’re also dealing with those who are actually here in our country and our repatriation numbers speak to this.”

According to the Minister, The Bahamas has repatriated two thousand four hundred and forty three [2,443] irregular migrants to Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Cuba and other countries. He also said that the government is being humane in its efforts and ensuring due process.

Minister Belle also made a public appeal saying, “we ask the Bahamian public to support us on this. And that if you have any information that where there are irregular migrants or illegal migrants in the country, by all means give us a call and we’ll ensure that we take action.”