Securities Commission of The Bahamas Relaunches Inaugural D3 FinTech Festival


Today, the Securities Commission of The Bahamas, in collaboration with the Government of The Bahamas and Finoverse, announced the relaunch of the inaugural D3 Bahamas FinTech Festival (D3). This event, set to take place from 10-12 October at the Atlantis Conference
Center, aims to spotlight The Bahamas as a nexus of innovation in the realms of digital assets, decentralization, and blockchain technology.

“The Bahamas is committed to leading the FinTech and Web3 industries as we facilitate innovation and cross-border development,” said Prime Minister the Hon. Philip Davis, K.C. “D3 Bahamas is ready to make a transformative impact for entrepreneurial Bahamians and international FinTech leaders as we collaborate on progressive policies that protect the public and support the continued growth of this industry. The Bahamas is open and ready for business.”

D3 rests at the intersection of decentralization, digitalization, and disruption of the status quo, focusing on the advancement of digital assets, decentralized and blockchain technology, showcasing The Bahamas as a hub for technological innovation. D3 invites over 800 builders, international regulators, investors, founders, and thought leaders to gather where imagination meets reality. Topics of discussion will include – the pillars of regulation, the building blocks of FinTech, and the steps to a successful digital economy.

Coming together in The Bahamas, will provide the international community a platform to progress the regulatory, technological, and financial questions faced today.

“The Bahamas welcomes FinTech and Web3 leaders to Nassau for three days of discourse and networking through presentations, panels and workshops. We are excited to present a FinTech event that not only embraces technological innovation but one that will serve as a driver for the development of inclusive and effective regulation. D3 Bahamas brings FinTech and Web3 creators and builders, enthusiasts, and regulators together to better understand the needs of this burgeoning community,” said Christina Rolle, Executive Director of the Securities Commission of The Bahamas.” Projects are encouraged to apply to D3’s Startup Program. The Startup Program fosters the Web3 community by introducing startups to crucial growth connections. If accepted, projects will be introduced to global and regional venture capitalists, regulators, policymakers, and Finoverse communities around the world.

Anthony Sar, Co-founder and CEO of Finoverse concluded, “At Finoverse, we’ve connected FinTech and Web3 creators across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and now, we’re uniting our communities with the West. Our team is excited to join the Nassau community and host an unforgettable weekend as we welcome the next generation of FinTech and Web3 innovation to The Bahamas.”

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